How To Buy Priligy Online In Australia Safely in 2019

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Author: Dr. Graham Neilsen
Updated: 29 Jul 2019

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Couple in bed. Priligy 30mg helps

This medication is very popular with patients from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other Australian cities. You can buy Priligy in Australia online without any difficulties and requirements to show the prescription. In this form of marketing there is at least one good thing: you can keep your private problems in secret as far as the online pharmacies do not mention the name of remedy on the package when send it to the buyer. Priligy is prescribed when a man has difficulties related to ejaculation. It provide a patient with such beneficial impacts as: ability to control over ejaculation, to make a partner satisfied during sexual intercourse, to improve interpersonal communication with a partner due to absence of distress provoked by early ejaculation.


Priligy is one of the best way to cope with premature ejaculation – one of the most common sexual problem. The nature of this disorder is not completely studied, but it is proved that Dapoxetine can cure it. Thus the Priligy with Dapoxetine as the key component was developed and now it is marketed all over the world. In formula there is also lactose so you should be careful if you cannot stand this ingredient. Priligy looks like a round film-coated tablet of grey color being a little bit convex and having the number of main ingredient content written on one side. You can find 30mg, 60mg, and 90mg tablets.


Priligy is not recommended if the deviation is not diagnosed. It can be taken as on-demand treatment. As to therapeutic indications we should mention that first of all these tabs are very effective for the patients suffering from premature ejaculation or so-called PE. Any men, which are not younger than 18 years old and not older than 64 years old, can take these tabs and improve ability to restrain ejaculation. It is prescribed when a patient has intravaginal ejaculation in less than 2 minutes after penetration or has ejaculation almost without sexual stimulation, or cannot keep erection immediately after penetration. That condition can be a result of difficulties in communication with a partner or stress leading to inability to control over ejaculation in a proper way. Usually a man is expected to turn to a doctor if he suffers from the above conditions almost every attempt during 6 months.

The drug is administered orally. A man should apply it about an hour or three hours prior to having sex and is not allowed to administer it continuously every day. You should not take the second pill earlier than in 24 hours. The tab is swallowed with a full glass of water and without chewing in order not to experience the bitter taste it has. There are no rules as to food. You can take Priligy in Australia with or without it. Though there is restriction as to alcohol: it is forbidden because it worsens any side effects that can occur.


Speaking about a dose a man should start with 30 mg and never with more dose. Only if he feels the insufficient response to the minimum dose, he can increase the quantity up to 60 mg on the stipulation that there is no sign of adverse or allergic reactions. The rules of administration of the larger dose are the same: about 3 hours before the sexual intercourse. It is clear if it happens that a man faces the undesired reactions on the starting dose, he is not allowed to try the larger ones. Please be sure that you feel responsibility and take this restriction as serious as it is possible. It is possible to decide if this treatment is helpful in about a month of intake. It the symptoms remain the same, a man should consult with a doctor and reconsider if it can be continued. It is important! If there is an overdose, a doctor should be immediately turned to for advice. The reaction can be severe that is why it’ll be better to go to Emergency as soon as possible and without evident discomfort or symptoms of poisoning.

For men older than 65 years we cannot recommend Priligy as far as its safety and efficiency are not proved for this age. As to other precautions this treatment cannot be prescribed for patients suffering from renal and hepatic impairment, heart problems or treated with potent CYP2D6 and CYP3A4 inhibitors.


Priligy just doubles and sometimes triples the duration of period before ejaculation, allowing its brain to control over ejaculation reflex. The action of Dapoxetine, the main component of Priligy, lasts from 4 to 24 hours. Sometimes taking Priligy a man can feel shortness of breath or any other difficulties with breathing, rsh, itching on the skin and swelling. About 10% of patients can face feeling dizzy and have a headache.


Though, these tabs are not the final decision of your problem with ejaculation, the reasons for which should be discussed with a doctor. There are psychological and physical issues and it is important to consider them. It is a very serious moment! Only taking Priligy and being able to return the normal sexual intercourse, a man feels more confident, relaxed and the premature ejaculation disappears even when he stops taking the tabs. As to the physical causes, the most frequent of them are a hormonal imbalance and hypersensitivity of the penis and they require medical treatment.

You can administer brand or generic Priligy – the result will be the same because as you know the generic pill are produced just following the same formula as the brand are made with.

Available dosages: 30mg, 60mg, 90mg. Active ingredient: Dapoxetine.